The idea for The Old Haberdashery was hatched many years ago in a dusty old attic in Slovenia when a love of rummaging and recycling took hold and never left. 

Thus followed many years of jumble sales, foraging, making, studying, exhibiting, travelling, teaching and living in far flung places.

Today, in the East Sussex countryside, in the pretty village of Ticehurst, you will discover a little shop of ideas created and curated by Sonia Boriczewski, whose background in Textile Design and Photography (and being a bit of a Magpie) help make the magic happen. A useful sort of a place where you never know what you might find but always find what you need.

Sonia’s ethos centres around a passion for recycling and reusing objects and for rediscovering the joys of making something new out of something old. Traditional craftsmanship, the handmade and beauty in the patina of age are all key. It’s about balancing old and new together and championing the art of creative living. 

Photo credit  Julia Smith ©


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